User experience and interface design, branding

Design isn’t just how it looks and works, it’s also how it makes you feel.
All possible interactions with any part of a brand must be delicately orchestrated to provide one whole experience.
This is what I do, everything from user experience planning to front-end coding.
Peedu Tuisk, aka matude

8+ years of experience in web-, graphic- and UI/UX design.
4+ years of experience in branding.
150+ unique web designs gone live.
30+ brand identity successes.
Worked with hundreds of clients around the world.

Entrepreneurial endevours


Co-founder of OCDesk, a product design company, our first product a unique iPhone dock that mounts to iMac stand received over 100k funding on Kickstarter in 24 days.

It's the Ideas

Co-founder and creative of It’s the Ideas, a boutique creative agency, which has operated since 2003 under a variety of names.


Co-founder of Estonia’s first online fitness video’s website, where one can practise aerobics at home by following full-lenght video instructions made by the best local professionals.

Reddit Island

Co-founder of the Reddit Island project, where over 5000 members had an ambitious goal of crowd-funding the purchase of a private island and developing it into a small self-sustaining community.